Have your website at the palm of your hand. Our Content Management System (CMS) lets you keep your site updated and customized to your preferences. It’s user-friendly customization options mean all you need to do is type, upload and hit publish to reflect changes to your website. Easy as that.

  • Full CMS

    Because no one knows your business like ...


  • Text CMS

    You wouldn't read the same newspaper twi...


  • Image Gallery CMS

    Like walking a child in a candy store, t...


  • Content Slider CMS

    Ever watched a firework display? Can't t...


  • Display Ad CMS

    Contrary to popular belief, people do li...

  • Video Gallery CMS

    Keep your visitors' eyes glued to your w...


  • Download Files CMS

    Looking for a way to offer contents to y...


Entertain your way to success. Websites with strong design and fun factor effectively helps in engaging clients all the way to the checkout button. These featured apps will do exactly just that.

  • Music Player

    Jazz up your website with our easy-to-us...


  • Youtube/Vimeo Integration

    Do you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel? ...


  • Custom Video Player

    Most clients will choose watching video ...



Slide slide slide. Most customers love smooth transitions over stiff ones. Update your website with smooth transitions from text, images to video. These interactive eye-candies will surely magnetize potential clients all the way to your shopping cart.

  • Text & Image Slider

    Give a visual punch to your website. Th...


  • Video Slider

    Prevent plain-text eyesore syndrome - fo...



Long past are the days of static information – people nowadays appreciates the web even more because of its entertainment value. STAND OUT from the crowd and get your message across the web to hit your target market.

  • Flash Player Integration

    Harness ...


  • Flash Intro

    Good introduction makes all the differen...


  • Jquery Animation

    Turn you...


Did you know?

We are your true heroes! We never stop until bad is good, until good is better – not until you deem the website is perfect! That’s a promise.

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